Hardware & Software Terms

  • Hardware & Software must be paid for at the time of quote approval (order) to be processed in a timely manner.
  • As a result of the supply chain issues, Lighthouse IT Solutions may choose to order tangible items prior to payment to confirm items as quickly as possible. In such case, payment will be due prior to delivery of any tangible items.

Hourly Billed Customers

  • Invoicing for hourly services is performed every two weeks for all unbilled time.
  • We may elect not to bill a time entry should the relevant ticket or request not be closed or completed.
  • Labor is billed in quarter hour increments at a rate of $120 per hour for Technical Support and $150 per hour for Development/Digital Growth services

Proposals or Project-based Billing

  • Invoicing for contracts and proposals are billed as set forth within the proposal