Matt Almendinger

harmony network engineer & project manager

Matt has spent over a decade honing his knowledge about everything technology. Sharper than ever, he was ready to create a community that would help others. Thus, Lighthouse IT Solutions was born, it is the perfect concoction to enjoy what you do while having a positive impact on others.

Technology runs through his veins; it's his life source. A few more parts and he will reach his final form, Robo-Matt, and be able to do more for his clients than ever before. But until then, he enjoys being human around friends, family and his cat.

Laif Thorbahn

harmony technical support

Laif had always been interested in computers and technology, wanting to know how they worked. Once he took a course on the inner workings of a computer, he knew this was what he wanted to do. Constantly being part of an ever-expanding field is what pushes him forward.

He has previously worked on both hardware and software-based issues, but now we at Lighthouse IT utilize Laif to help with troubleshooting for our clients. With Laif assisting, we're able to be more efficient than ever before.

Nicole Daley

operations manager

Our resident checklist guru, Nicole, is also our Operations Manager, ensuring the business' day-to-day activities run smoothly. With a Bachelor's in Applied Health Science and Business Administration from Bowling Green State University, she's passionate about fostering well-being, taking pride in seeing her efforts reflected in the success of others. Nicole's dedication ensures that both the internal practices and client-facing services at Lighthouse IT Solutions remain top-notch.

Driven by her commitment to excellence, Nicole brings order to operations with her meticulous approach and infectious enthusiasm. Her nurturing spirit and keen eye for detail enable her to seamlessly manage duties, ensuring that everything from team efficiency to client satisfaction aligns perfectly with our company's high standards.

Andrew Stuller

harmony technical support

Andrew has never feared technology. For as long as he can remember, he's been amazed by computers. His journey started with computers when he built one from scratch just for fun! After that, he was hooked, quickly soaking up as much knowledge as he could. 

As a Lighthouse IT Solutions team member, Andrew has gained extensive knowledge through his hands-on approach. He can often be found deep in research following cutting-edge tech.

Griffin Ball

momentum digital growth specialist

Griffin has been supercharging companies' digital footprints since before he even began studying marketing. As our Digital Growth Specialist, he leverages his Bachelor's in Visual Communication Technology from Bowling Green State University to craft innovative strategies that empower Momentum's services. Heading up this digital growth arm at Lighthouse, he guides clients in building their digital presence through efficient inbound marketing.

A natural at weaving creativity into strategy, Griffin's infectious enthusiasm drives both internal teams and clients to achieve ambitious growth. Whether orchestrating the latest inbound campaigns or fine-tuning customer journeys, Griffin thrives on pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Sara Beck

client relations

Sara has always loved computers, and from a young age, she knew she would always be in a field helping others. Now, with a background in Information Technology and customer service, she fits right into the role of Technical Dispatch here at Lighthouse IT, where she supports both the Technician and the customers we strive to help daily.

When she’s not in the office, talking to customers, or just helping her team, Sara is at home enjoying time with her family. 

Mark Nash

navigate platform developer

Mark has been surfing the web for nearly as long as he's had a computer and naturally grew to want to create websites and programs just like the ones he was enjoying. He is a graduate of the University of Toledo after successfully obtaining his Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and Engineering Technologies.

Now that Mark is working at Lighthouse IT Solutions and putting all of his skills to the test, he happily gets paid to create web-based content. With a portfolio brimming with dynamic websites and web applications, his expertise is undeniable. He is working hard to help Lighthouse's clients evolve into the most excellent versions of themselves.

corporate alumni

Joe B.

solutions consultant & support

Joining us in July 2013, Joe was a Solutions Consultant & Support technician, but also brought humor to the office. As an important team member he helped make it possible for us to continue to dream big as a small company by assisting our clients with the day-to-day support tasks.

Alison L.

office manager

Alison was Lighthouse IT's resident over-achiever. After graduating Owens Community College early with a degree in Business Administration, she joined our team in December of 2012. Her job wasn't an easy one, but she did it with a smile and unparalleled excellence. Whether it was making sure our clients had the quotes they needed, answering account questions, or the nearly impossible duty of keeping the team on task; her role became increasingly more important as the company matured.

Keith D.

client relationship manager

Working with others and helping them succeed has always been Keith's passion. With 10+ years of experience, he has spent most of his career in the customer service field. This has motivated him to seek a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources from the University of Phoenix. Keith always felt that it was exciting to apply all the tools that he had acquired to further our client relations.

Austin P.

network support technician

Computers and technology have been a large part of Austin's life. From assembling his own computer to learning coding languages, Austin spent much of his free time learning and exploring technology. His skills derived through completing his Associates of Science in Network and Networking Support at Terra State. Helping with technological problems has always been a lifelong goal for Austin and he was glad he was able to apply that with Lighthouse IT. He will always go out of his way to ensure that a customer feels like their problem has been solved and is happy with the solution.


July 2011

After Matt separated from his previous company, he wanted to wish his clients success in their future endeavors. However many of those clients chose to continue working with Matt, paving the way for the formation of Lighthouse IT Solutions.

November 2012

Recognizing that the cloud would be the next major technical movement Lighthouse IT Solutions becomes a Microsoft Online Services Partner. This leads to the finalization of Lighthouse's first fully managed solutions platform, "Worry-Free IT".

December 2012

Lighthouse IT Solutions finally grows beyond its founder by gaining its first new team member, a business administrator.

July 2013

Lighthouse IT Solutions adds another member to the team with the addition of its first support technician.

August 2016

One more addition to the Lighthouse IT Solutions crew results in the formation of its digital business growth and marketing branch.

January 2017

After months of preparation, clients begin converting form Worry-Free IT to the revamped IT Support and Solutions package - "Harmony".

February 2017

Seeing the need for more space Lighthouse IT Solutions gains a new building, the Interactive Experience Center or IEC. The IEC would serve as a training facility for Lighthouse's staff and clients

August 2018

Lighthouse IT Solutions' new Momentum solutions platform is launched to help clients grow their digital presence and provide them with new marketing opportunities.

January 2019

As Lighthouse IT Solutions' goals became more focused and its team grew, so did its needs. In order to fulfill these needs Lighthouse moved all its operations into its current location at 349-1/2 Rice Street

March 2020

During the pandemic Lighthouse IT Solutions buckles down and launches a massive push to provide cloud based solutions useable from work or home.

September 2021

Lighthouse IT Solutions launches a brand new portion of Harmony, utilizing our hosted cloud for both cloud-based desktops as well as applications! This service is aptly named, HarmonyCloud.

October 2023

Lighthouse IT Solutions adds another member to the team with the addition of its first technical dispatcher.