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We live in a world immersed in software that makes not only our businesses, but our lives dependent upon it. In other words, the greatest key to success is learning how to utilize/navigate the software powering the modern age. For us, the best investment a business can make in their staff is through training. This is why Lighthouse IT Solutions partners with businesses and employees to dive deeper in the software that drives their success.

Our Navigate training Retreats are built on the following pillars:

  • Focused. Training should be the focus of the event. There are no BMVs, malls, or Apple stores near our training facility, and that's on purpose. By creating a relaxing and uninterruptible atmosphere, you or your staff can efficiently concentrate on what is being learned.
  • Engaging. Training should not be stuffy or clinical. Rather, it should be entertaining and fun, and relevant, which allows our participants to retain more from their course.
  • Valuable. Training should be accessible. By making our costs lower than the competition, we know that you'll see return much faster. 

For our shorter courses, we offer online options designed to make the most out of the time we have.

Navigate Online features:

  • Intuitive. Training software made simple so more time is spent learning, not figuring out how to use the portal.
  • Concise. By making the training more focused on the important topics, we can reduce the chance of distraction.
  • Valuable. Just like our retreats -- training should be accessible, even online.

We see training as an investment that pays off!

And we think your company should see it as an investment too.

Modern employees struggle in a sink or swim environment.

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Our desire is simple:

To provide an environment passionate about technology and to be patient with those willing to learn.

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