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We live in a world deeply intertwined with an additional digital world. This means that for a business to thrive in this world it also needs to be able to successfully utilize the tools that are only available through the digital world. To teach businesses how to make proper use of their digital potential Lighthouse IT Solutions is offering our new Navigate series. Navigate is a suite of items to be used with the goal of enhancing your staff. Navigate includes elements such as:

navigate training
  • Focused: Training should be the focus of the event. There are no BMVs, malls, or Apple stores near our training facility, and that's on purpose. By creating a relaxing and uninterruptible atmosphere, you or your staff can efficiently concentrate on what is being taught.
  • Engaging: Training should not be stuffy or clinical. Rather, it should be entertaining and fun, and relevant, which allows our participants to retain more from their course.
  • Valuable: Training should be accessible. By making our costs lower than the competition, we know that you'll see return much faster.
navigate online
  • Intuitive: Training software made simple so more time is spent learning, not figuring out how to use the portal.
  • Concise: By making the training more focused on the important topics, we can reduce the chance of distraction.
  • Valuable: Just like our training retreats -- training should be accessible, even online.
navigate security
  • Confidence: You should not have to spend all your time worrying about whether your network security is good enough to keep your business protected. Navigate's security systems will give you that extra layer of protection and let you rest easy.
  • Culture: Raise awareness of cyber security within your staff, and encourage everyone to do their part in keeping themselves and the network safe from digital threats.
  • Unobtrusive: Your security should not get in the way of your work. Navigate employs user friendly security programs to protect your network without slowing down your ability to work with it.
navigate consulting
  • Efficiency: Navigate consulting is all about helping your business and its IT systems to run as quickly and smoothly as possible. 
  • Improvement: Lighthouse IT Solutions will review your businesses systems and help to identify areas that are slowing you down or can be improved upon. We can even get personally involved in the implementation of new devices and systems meant to improve your output, and train your staff in the use of these new tools.

What Solutions does Navigate provide?

Staff Training:

Keep you up to date on the latest developments

We offer training sessions within our facility dedicated to provided a focused and engaging learning environment.

We offer access to an online portal with a variety of lessons and training programs that can be completed at your own pace.

Train your staff on how to keep themselves and the company safe from digital threats.


Protecting you and your assets

Keep all of your passwords stored in a secure location, and generate random secure passwords.

Train your staff on how to keep themselves and the company safe from digital threats.

Promote a culture of security within your company, and keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of computer security.

Ethical hacking and phishing simulations will test your security systems and staff, and help identify areas that need improvement.

 Scan your network and alert you of any suspicious activity. Scan the Dark Web in order to find stolen or compromised passwords and other credentials.

System Improvements:

Making sure you are as efficient as possible

We will review you computer systems to ensure that they are functioning as efficiently as possible.

Any identified areas for improvement within your computer systems can be improved by us personally.

Keep all of your passwords stored in a secure location, and generate random secure passwords.

Tools of Navigate

All-in-one cyber-security platform, designed to build a foundation and culture focused around cyber security for your business.

Multi-factor authentication tool, that is secure, efficient, and user-friendly.

Password management software, in order to keep all your passwords stored and organized in a safe location, as well as secure random password generation, and process documentation in order share standard operating procedures from a centralized location.

Our desire is simple:

To provide an environment passionate about technology and to be patient with those willing to learn.

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