Matt Almendinger

solutions consultant & engineer

Matt has spent over a decade honing his knowledge about everything technology. Sharper than ever, he was ready to create a community that would help others. Thus, Lighthouse IT Solutions was born, it is the perfect concoction to enjoy what you do while having a positive impact on others.

Technology runs through his veins; it's his life source. A few more parts and he will reach his final form, Robo-Matt, and be able to do more for his clients than ever before. But until then, he enjoys being human around friends, family and his cat.

Laif Thorbahn

network support technician

Laif had always been interested in computers and technology, wanting to know how they worked. Once he took a course on the inner workings of a computer, he knew this was what he wanted to do. Constantly being part of an ever-expanding field is what pushes him forward.

He has previously worked on both hardware and software-based issues, but now we at Lighthouse IT utilize Laif to help with troubleshooting for our clients. With Laif assisting, we're able to be more efficient than ever before.

Nicole Daley

office manager & business support

As an experienced task manager, Nicole is Lighthouse IT Solutions' superb office administrator. She is driven by structure and takes pride in keeping a well-maintained team. Nicole ensures that Lighthouse IT Solutions' internal practices are as sharp as our client-facing manners.

She is an alumna of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor's in Applied Health Science. When she isn't conversing with her teammates, she supports expecting parents as a certified doula.

Andrew Stuller

network support technician

Andrew has never feared technology. For as long as he can remember, he's been amazed by computers. His journey started with computers when he built one from scratch just for fun! After that, he was hooked, quickly soaking up as much knowledge as he could. 

As a Lighthouse IT Solutions team member, Andrew has gained extensive knowledge through his hands-on approach. He can often be found deep in research following cutting-edge tech.

Griffin Ball

digital growth specialist

Griffin knew from a young age what he wanted to be when he grew up. He didn't need to go to space; his desire was here on Earth. It has all the resources and opportunities he needs to work with all visual communication technologies.

When he chose to spend four years solely focused on business growth and technological creativity (coupled with many internships and summer classes), he never had doubts about his career path. Equipped with his metaphorical tool belt of knowledge, he was ready. His final internship landed him the great opportunity to help others while following a passion.

Sara Beck

technical dispatcher

Sara has always loved computers, and from a young age, she knew she would always be in a field helping others. Now, with a background in Information Technology and customer service, she fits right into the role of Technical Dispatch here at Lighthouse IT, where she supports both the Technician and the customers we strive to help daily.

When she’s not in the office, talking to customers, or just helping her team, Sara is at home enjoying time with her family. 

Mark Nash

web/app developer

Since he first learned how to use one, Mark has been glued to a computer. Holding an interest particularly in automation he strives to complete goals quickly and efficiently. He is a graduate from the University of Toledo, and successfully obtained his Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and Engineering Technologies.

Ready to fully commit himself to the wild world outside of higher education; Mark is working at Lighthouse IT Solutions putting all of his skills to the test. Currently focusing on website and CMS development, he is ready to take on anything!