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the lighthouse team

Radical dudes.

who we are

Wouldn't it be great if your network worked as hard as you did?

What if it was more than just a necessary component to how you did business, but rather an exciting and integral advantage to your process? Founded in 2011, Lighthouse IT Solutions provides end-to-end solutions and management of our clients' network-based processes. From desktop management, to implementing an ERP system, we're here to help whenever you need it. For us, it's more than just using buzzwords, it's about becoming an indispensable partner to you and your business--because your success means our success. 

what we stand for

Passionately creating harmony between technology and our clients.

We are a company passionate about technology. We are a partner committed to serving our clients wholly and eagerly. And with our long history in the Small-to-Medium Business market, you can say goodbye to the days when dealing with a tech specialist is a chore. We love what we do and are excited to be able to show you how it can make your business run better! Stop floating around in the darkness of your IT environment, we can show you the way! Let us help you leverage your infrastructure to create something truly unique to your business.

Service with Philosophy

Everything we do is built with purpose and designed to make your technology an integral force to be reckoned.

Highly Rated is Just the Beginning

We love hearing from our happy customers because our client love is what motivates us to do more.

Small Town Manners, Big City Knowledge

Our leadership employs nearly 20 years of industry knowledge, but that knowledge doesn't mean we believe clients should be talked-down to or belittled.

Friendly Staff

Gone are the days when dealing with a specialist is a chore. We love what we do and are excited to be able to show you how it can make your business run better!

Focused On Success

But not our success. To fulfill our mission to become an indispensible partner to your organization, it starts with us helping you to succeed.

We get it

We are still a small business hoping to grow. We understand where you want to go and we enjoy helping people get there.

Stylish Lookin' Peeps

Also known as the Lighthouse team

Matt Almendinger

Solutions Consultant & Engineer

Matt has spent over a decade honing his knowledge about everything technology. Sharper than ever, he was ready to create a community that would help others. Thus, Lighthouse IT Solutions was born, it is the perfect concoction to enjoy what you do while having a positive impact on others.

Technology runs through his veins; it's his life source. A few more parts and he will reach his final form, Robo-Matt, and be able to do more for his clients than ever before. But until then, he enjoys being human around friends, family and his cat.

Griffin Ball

Creative Lead

Griffin knew from a young age what he wanted to be when he grew up. He didn't need to go to space; his desire was here on Earth. It has all the resources and opportunities he needs to work with visual communication technologies.

When he chose to spend four years solely focused on business growth and technological creativity (coupled with many internships and summer classes) he never had doubt about his career path. Equipped with his metaphorical tool belt of knowledge, he was ready. His final internship landed him the great opportunity to help others while following a passion.

Laif Thorbahn

Solutions Consultant

Laif had always been interested in computers and technology, wanting to know how they worked. Once he took a course on the inner workings of a computer, he knew this was what he wanted to do. Constantly being part of an ever-expanding field is what pushes him forward. All whilst working towards a degree from Bowling Green State University for his major in Liberal Studies with a focus on computer sciences.

He has previously worked on both hardware and software-based issues, but now we at Lighthouse IT utilize Laif to help with troubleshooting for our clients. With Laif assisting Matt we're able to be more efficient than ever before.

Mark Nash

Web Development

Since he first learned how to use one, Mark has been glued to a computer. Holding an interest particularly in automation he strives to complete goals quickly and efficiently. He is a graduate from the University of Toledo, and successfully obtained his Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and Engineering Technologies.

Ready to fully commit himself to the wild world outside of higher education; Mark is working at Lighthouse IT Solutions putting all of his skills to the test. Currently focusing on website and CMS development, he is ready to take on anything!

Austin Palmer

Solutions Consultant

Computers and technology have been a large part of Austin's life. From assembling his own computer to learning coding languages, Austin spends much of his free time learning and exploring technology. His skills derived through completing his Associates of Science in Network and Networking Support at Terra State.

Helping with technological problems has always been a lifelong goal for Austin and he is glad he gets to apply that with a group of accommodating and friendly co-workers. He will always go out of his way to ensure that a customer feels like their problem has been solved and is happy with the solution.

Nicole Daley

Office Manager

Being a methodical and process driven person, Nicole is well-suited to be an office administrator. Her organizational mind is put to use keeping the office in line and on task, so that we can put our best foot forward to provide superior customer service. Her ability to help in almost every department has made her an invaluable asset at Lighthouse IT Solutions.

She is a graduate from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor's in Applied Health Science, but her true skills are being able to keep the Lighthouse world together. One of her favorite hobbies is spending time with her hedgehog, Botan.

"We're different because we've realized that there's something more beyond the computer: You.

We get there by using the best products designed for maximum return and continually challenging ourselves to think differently."

Matthew S. Almendinger


These are some of the things people have said about us.

"Changing IT vendors can be scary, but Lighthouse IT Solutions made our transition seamless. There was little work on my end and best of all my employees were happy with the changeover. Working with them means I can get my work done without worrying about our network. Their expertise and dependability ensures our business runs smoothly. They have provided valuable technical support and advice for our computing needs. Lighthouse IT Solutions is a highly valued service provider to our organization."

Hoover Wells, Toledo Ohio

"The all-encompassing program we are using with Lighthouse IT Solutions has proved its worth for our needs. We enjoy working with Matt and the team who are willing to go the extra mile to help with any IT issues that we encounter."

Supplemental Staffing, Toledo Ohio

Corporate Alumni

Thank you for all you have done for us.

Joe Brandon

Solutions Consultant & Support

Joining us in July 2013, Joe was a Solutions Consultant & Support technician, but also brought humor to the office. As an important team member he helped make it possible for us to continue to dream big as a small company by assisting our clients with the day-to-day support tasks.

Alison Laing

Office Manager

Alison was Lighthouse IT's resident over-achiever. After graduating Owens Community College early with a degree in Business Administration, she joined our team in December of 2012. Her job wasn't an easy one, but she did it with a smile and unparalleled excellence. Whether it was making sure our clients had the quotes they needed, answering account questions, or the nearly impossible duty of keeping the team on task; her role became increasingly more important as the company matured.

Keith Davis, Jr.

Client Relationship Manager

Working with others and helping them succeed has always been Keith's passion. With 10+ years of experience, he has spent most of his career in the customer service field. This has motivated him to seek a degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources from the University of Phoenix. Keith always felt that it was exciting to apply all the tools that he had acquired to further our client relations.